The Bement Family

The BeMent Family History researches my ancestors from the many family lines that have merged throughout the years to the present day. The main line of direct descendancy relates to the Beaumont/Bement surname, and includes much documentation from the original "Chronicles of the Bement Family in America", published in 1928.

The other major line tied into the Bement line is that of the Sanford Family which merged with the marriage of my great-grandmother, Susan Belle Sanford and her marriage to my great-grandfather, William Henry Bement, in 1889. Much of this line includes documentation from the original genealogy book, "Thomas Sanford - Emigrant to New England", published in 1911.

The Schertz Family History researches my ancestors from my mother's side of the family, and ties in with her great-grandmother, Marie "Mary" Augspurger, and her marriage to Peter G. Schertz.

Dennis BeMent