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The Descendants of
Joseph Painter Bennett

Generation No. 1

1. Joseph Painter1 Bennett was born 2 Apr 1832, and died 21 May 1914 in Lycoming County, PA. He married Margaret Hafer 2 Jan 1862, daughter of Daniel Hafer and Mary Hafer.

Notes for Joseph Painter Bennett:

JOSEPH PAINTER BENNETT, was born 2 Apr 1832 and died 21 May 1914; and married Margaret Hafer (1832-1893) on 2 Jan 1862; born 8 May 1832 and died March 1893. It is probable that Joseph and his mother came to Bottle Run in the early 1850's. His mother lived in a log cabin a short distance from where Bethel Presbyterian Church now stands, having purchased a farm of about 360 acres. The first name of his mother is unknown, and her husband was dead or unknown when they came to Bottle Run. He was a devout Presbyterian Church member, and very active in organizing the Bethel Presbyterian Church at Bottle Run, two miles north of Williamsport, PA., and was one of the church's first elders. The church first met in the school house, later they met in the Grange Hall, until Joseph donated a parcel of land from his farm and the present Bethel Presbyterian Church was built about 1910; and was an active elder at the time of his death in 1914. The following five children were born of Joseph and Margaret (Hafer) Bennett: Clara H. Bennett, Janette Bennett, Mary Martha Bennett, George Washington Bennett, and Edward Coleman Bennett.

It is believed that Joseph Painter Bennett's first and middle name, was derived from his parents minister's name, Joseph Painter. Rev. Painter was a Presbyterian minister at the Lycoming Presbyterian Church from 1825-1835, and his parents were married by Rev. Painter. (Source: Martha (Bennett) Howard, November, 1997)

Children of Joseph Bennett and Margaret Hafer are:

   2 i. Clara Hafer2 Bennett, born 20 Aug 1863 in Lycoming County, PA; died 14 Dec 1872 in Lycoming County, PA.   Had no issue.

   3 ii. Janette Bennett, born 4 Jun 1865 in Lycoming County, PA; died 9 Aug 1890 in Lycoming County, PA.  Had no issue.

   4 iii. Mary Martha Bennett, born 19 Jul 1868 in Lycoming County, PA; died Nov 1955 in Lycoming County, PA. She married (1) John P. Lehman ABT 1890. She married (2) Clayton Bower ABT 1910.  Had no issue.

+ 5 iv. George Washington Bennett, born 27 May 1870 in Lycoming County, PA; died 19 Jun 1949 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA.

   6 v. Edward Coleman Bennett, born 30 Nov 1873 in Lycoming County, PA; died 10 May 1955 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA. He married Annie Crouthers 8 Feb 1905.   Had no issue.


Generation No. 2

5. George Washington2 Bennett (Joseph Painter1) was born 27 May 1870 in Lycoming County, PA, and died 19 Jun 1949 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA. He married Loretta Carrie Casselberry, daughter of Abram Casselberry and Carrie Johnson.

Children of George Bennett and Loretta Casselberry are:

   7 i. Verus Washington3 Bennett, born 10 Apr 1895 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA; died 3 Jul 1977 in Binghamton, Broome Co., NY. He married Margaret Ruth Caldwell 21 Aug 1919 in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA.

Notes for Verus Washington Bennett:
VERUS WASHINGTON BENNETT graduated from Williamsport High School in 1916. He received his discharge as a sergeant in the medical department of the army just prior to his wedding in 1919.

   8 ii. Dalton Edward Bennett, born 23 May 1896; died 2 Sep 1932 in Newberry, PA. He married Maude Kobble.

Notes for Dalton Edward Bennett:
DALTON EDWARD BENNETT was employed as a supervisor at the Keds Division of the Lycoming Rubber Company and was to have been transfered to the Naugatuck, Conn. plant when he was killed in an automobile accident while traveling at a high rate of speed about three miles west of Newberry, PA. Had no issue. After Dalton's death, Maude moved to Washington, D.C. and worked for the government.

   9 iii. Ward L. Bennett, born 29 Mar 1899; died 1 Feb 1936. He married Verna Sholder ABT 1918.

10 iv. Carrie M. Bennett, born 12 Oct 1900; died 17 Mar 1956. She married Charles Christian Tevis.

Notes for Charles Christian Tevis:
Rev. Charles Tevis was a Presbyterian minister who served at Bethel Presbyterian Church at Bottle Run from 5 Dec 1909 until 1 Nov 1916. He married Carrie Bennett about 1920. He was about 20 years her senior. they moved to Youngstown, Ohio where he assumed pastoral of anothr Presbyterian Church. He had a series of strokes and died in Youngstown, Ohio in 1953. Carrie chose not to live life without him and committed suicide by drowning in 1956.   (Source: Martha (Bennett) Howard, October, 1997)

11 v. Joseph A. Bennett, born 4 Jun 1906; died 23 Jul 1976. He married Margaret Horn ABT 1926.

12 vi. Josephine C. Bennett, born 4 Jun 1906; died 15 May 1990. She married Elmer Waltz Aft. 1926.

13 vii. Kathryn F. Bennett, born 23 Jan 1910; died 1993. She married George Detrick Aft. 1949.  Had no issue.

This concludes the report on the Bennett family as published on the internet.
This report was last updated on January 24, 1998


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