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Descendants of John Beaumont
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"The Chronicles of the Bement Family in America"

Chronicles of the Bement Family in America

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CHRONICLES OF THE BEMENT FAMILY IN AMERICA. A history of the descendants of John Beaumont, or Bement, of Salem, Massachusetts, 1637; with brief mention of the family of his brother, William Beaumont, also of Salem, and Saybrook, Connecticut. By Josiah Granville Leach, for Clarence Sweet Bement, both of Philadelphia. Compiled between the year 1902 and 1923, and assembled in one typewritten quarto volume of 402 pages, with copious footnotes and numerous photostat illustrations. Nearly two thousand descendants have been traced.

The work, begun and carried forward at the instance of Mr. Bement, the widely-known bibliophile and numismatist of Philadelphia, was intended for publication and family distribution. The compilation was about ready for press when death overtook both the generous patron and the indefatigable compiler. Under the pious urge to see this genealogical adventure reach some definite harbor, six typed copies of the work have been made and bound by two representatives of the patron and compiler. One volume has been placed in the Library of Congress, at Washington, D.C., and another in The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, of which the compiler was the one-time president and the patron a member. Other copies may, at some future time, be prepared and placed with other libraries.

It is hoped that by this means the valuable genealogical, almost human, document may be insured against destruction and its contents made available for those who desire to know what manner of men and women their Bement forebears were, who followed ever "Westward the course of Empire" until their habitat was bounded by the two oceans, the Great Lakes on the north, and the Gulf on the south.

Of sturdy New England stock, pioneer life had no terrors for the descendants of John Bement. With unusual mechanical genius, they forged their own tools in their own plants and mills, or became construction engineers in railway enterprises that eliminated space. Many rose to considerable prominence in the cities of the West as well as those of the East. In Brattleboro, Lowell, Hartford, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Lansing, Des Moines, Mishawaka and Philadelphia the name became identified with mills and iron furnaces, and with the church, educational and general social forces making for community betterment.

Patron and compiler well merit the profound appreciation of the Bement family for the research involved. That it failed of print, is unfortunate, but not irremediable.

Anna Bement Kramer,
M. Atherton Leach

Reprint from The Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, March 1928.


The Chronicles of the Bement Family in America were compiled by Josiah Granville Leach (1842-1923) for Clarence Sweet Bement (1843-1923) and contains 402 pages of Bement family history (700 pages with exhibits). The Chronicles were compiled between the years of 1902 and 1923, but due to the deaths of both the compiler and patron they were never prepared and printed in published form. Instead, they were compiled in typewritten form and provided to two libraries with two copies being held in private hands. It was entered in the Library of Congress in 1928.

It has been determined that virtually anyone or anything named Bement in this country can probably be traced to John Beaumont (later changed to Bement) who immigrated to the United States in 1635. Ancestors are tied to the village of Bement, Illinois; the Bement Public Library in St. Johns, Missouri; the Bement Wing of the Stockbridge, Massachusetts Library; the Bement-Billings Farmstead in Newark Valley, New York; the Bement School in Deerfield, Massachusetts; the Bement Arch in Utah; Bement plows, cooking stoves and toboggans; Niles, Bement and Pond industrial machinery; Bement Avenue in Staten Island, NY; and Bement Street in Lansing, Michigan. Bement's have been notable agriculturist, clerics, mayors, industrialists, inventors, and defenders of our country in all wars.

The following comprises the entire Forward as printed in The Chronicles of the Bement Family in America in 1928:

The Chronicles of the Bement Family was undertaken for the late Clarence S. Bement of Philadelphia, with the intention of publication and gratuitous distribution to all descendants of John Bement of Salem, Massachusetts, the founder of this family in America.

The long illness and subsequent death in February 1923, of its generous patron, defeated the intention of publication. Research in connection with the work covered a period of years, not consecutive, from 1902 to 1923. Interruptions unavoidable militated against the possible exactitude of test and arrangement.

Most branches of the original family tree were unusually prolific, and, in large measure, followed "Westward the course of Empire", until the Bement name in its early habitats became practically unknown. These two factors greatly added to the difficulty of correspondence and compilation and increased the probability of mis-statements in the former and mistakes in the later.

The foundations of the work are, it is believed, sound. The superstructure may, in some instances, be faulty. Much family data is, however, preserved. In the interests of the latter, and, in some measure, to aid and future historian of the family, these Chronicles are presented without further comment.

There are six copies of the work. Four in the possession of Mrs. Albert Ludlow Kramer of Westbury, Long Island, New York. Two in possession of the compiler for disposal to The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. There was another copy, formerly in the custody of the late Mr. Clarence S. Bement, which, in some unaccountable way, has disappeared.

Philadelphia, June 1928

The Chronicles of the Bement Family in America is a typewritten document and was personally reviewed by Dennis BeMent at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1994. In March of 1996 Dennis' son, T.J. BeMent, then a student at The George Washington University made a complete copy of the document for his father. That copy is now in Orlando, Florida. Please note that it will take between 1-2 hours for retrieval of the document from the library archives to the reading room. The call number is CS71/.B463/1928 for the publication.

In addition to the two copies of The Chronicles located at the Library of Congress and the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania another copy is located in the Ft. Wayne (Indiana) Public Library, and two copies are in the posession of Nancy Livingston Gerry of Virginia. She is the granddaughter of Anna Bement Kramer who was responsible for the six copies being printed.

Orlando, Florida
July 1998

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