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The Story of the Pineapple
Symbol of Hospitality

The Pineapple is the
International Symbol of Hospitality and Welcome.

In Colonial times, the Captains of the trade ships,
when returning home, could not resist bringing
aboard a load of the delicious tropical fruits
grown in the West Indies. The most exotic
of these was the succulent yellow pineapple.

The return trip took many weeks, and perishable fruits
did not last long. The fruit that did arrive in the colonies
were a prized treat, and it was the mark of true friendship
to be given one. To be invited to share a pineapple implied
the Warmest Welcome. Therefore, upon returning home from their voyages, the Captains would place a pineapple on their doorstep or fence post to announce their return and to serve as an invitation of welcome and hospitality.

From this simple act of generosity,
the pineapple has become
the symbol of Friendship and Hospitality.

The pineapple at the top of this page is located on the couryard fountain at the Hotel Royal Plaza which was dedicated by Dennis BeMent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation on January 9, 1998 in recognition of the hotel's 25th anniversary.


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