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Background Music Selections

The following is a list the background music selections used in this program:

Background Music Selections
Page Link Title of Song Artist/Sound Track
Home Page Circle of Life The Lion King
John Beaumont Descendants A Whole New World Aladdin
John Beaumont Descendant Record Can You Hear The Love Tonight? The Lion King
John Beaumont Descendant Tree Part Of Your Wolrd The Little Mermaid
Thomas Sanford Ancestors The Gift Of A Thistle Braveheart
Thomas Sanford Descendants Colors of the Wind Pocahontas
Thomas Sanford Descendant Tree I Can't Wait To Be King The Lion King
Schertz Descendant Report One Tin Soldier Billy Jack
Augspurger Descendant Report The Rose The Rose
Schertz Descendant Tree Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast
Bennett Family Report Candle in the Wind Elton John
Caldwell Family Report Theme from 1492 1492: Conquest of Paradise
Casselberry Family Report As Time Goes By Casablanca
Cunningham Family Report All I Ask Of You Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Web Pages Main Street Electrical Parade Disney's Magic Kingdom
Story of the Pineapple Theme from M*A*S*H M*A*S*H
Aknowledgements When You Wish Upon A Star Pinocchio
Background Music Selections Listen With Your Heart Pocahontas


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Background Music from Disney's "Pocahontas": "Listen With Your Heart"

Copyright 1998 by Dennis G. BeMent