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The BeMent Family History traces the origins or histories of over 14,000 people (10,129 on webGED) from over 4,400 families of some of the following family groups: Beaumont (200), Bement (1431), BeMent (9), Sanford (367), Schertz (88), Augspurger (199), Saltar (18), Bennett (54), Cunningham (73). The total records include 2,231 surnames and over 3,200 marriages. The family trees contain individuals from the following primary countries and states: England, France, Germany, MA, CT, NY, VT, PA, OH, IL, IN, IA, & MI.

The webGED: Search Engine is the best way to locate a specific ancestor and explore the database for direct family members. It is a massive database of over 10,000 individuals so it is important to watch the "progress bar" at the bottom of the opening screen and allow the information to be fully loaded before attempting to accesss the data.

BEMENT FAMILY HISTORY. I have a complete copy of "The Chronicles of the Bement Family in America" (1928) which traces most of the descendants of John Beaumont (1612-1647) in America since his arrival in 1630 through 1914. That publication has been transcribed into my Family Tree Maker program and includes over 3,000 descendants, spouses, and parents of spouses of John Beaumont, plus several of his ancestors. I am also the proud owner of a fully restored and functional Bement Parlour Stove manufactured by E. Bement & Sons of Lansing, Michigan around 1890.

SCHERTZ FAMILY HISTORY. I am also tracing the descendants of Peter G. Schertz (1826-1891), and have recently published the "Schertz Family Tree" that traces those descendants. Most of the Schertz family histories focus on the states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Arkansas. Information on the Augspurger family is also included with this family.

SANFORD FAMILY HISTORY. My great grandmother, Susan Belle Sanford (1872-1899) is a descendant of the Thomas Sanford (1608-1681) line which has been researched back to about 1040 in England. While searching that line I located a branch at Nicholas deSandford (about 1340) when he married Alice Botilier. Alice was a descendant of King Henry II of England which ties in numerous ancestors from the royal families of Europe, and a direct descendant relationship from William the Conqueror. Although there are various schools of thought on the accuracy of this link it is nonetheless interesting. Please refer to the attached NGS Report on the William the Conqueror which covers his ancestors and descendants, and the descendants of Thomas Andrew Sanford. A descendant outline tree report is also attached which shows the descendants of William the Conqueror and all of Sanford descendants in my records until about 1900. I also have a complete hardbound reprint of the 1911 book "Thomas Sanford ~ The Emigrant to New England" consisting of over 18,000 individuals. The descendants covered on this web site consist mainly of my direct line from Thomas Sanford.

PEOPLE SEARCH. I am trying to locate what happened to Lyle Henry Bement (b., 1894 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI). Nothing is known as to his whereabouts after 1923. Any help in locating information would be greatly appreciated.

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Attached to the report section below of this home page is a 270 page, nine generation NGS Report on the "Descendants of John Beaumont" from the original "Chronicles" with many updates, and a 64 page, ten generation outline descendant tree. The report includes over 2,700 Bement descendants plus their spouses. Also attached is a NGS Report on the early "Schertz and Augspurger Descendants", and two reports on Thomas Sanford consisting of 89 pages and 29 generations of the “Sanford Family” until its merge with the Bement family in 1893. An outline descendant tree is attached tracing 23 generations of ancestors of Thomas Sanford. Several smaller family groups are covered under the Bennett/Caldwell/Casselberry Family Reports and the Cunningham Family Reports.

Many of the following reports are lengthy and will require various load times based on each researchers equipment. It is best to allow the reports to fully load before attempting a search to assure that they load in their entirety. It is also important to note that the following records cover, for the most part, individuals born prior to 1900 in order to protect the privacy of living persons. Additional information is available upon request.

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 Bement Chronicles Supplement Report (9 gen, 270 pages), updated Dec 1999
 Bement Chronicles Descendant Outline Tree (10 gen, 64 pages), updated Dec 1999
 Thomas Sanford Reports (2 reports, 29 generations, 89 pages), updated Jan 1998
 Thomas Sanford Descendant Outline Tree (29 generations, 15 pages), updated Jan 1998
 Schertz/Augspurger Descendant Report (2 reports, 4 generations, 4 pages), Feb 1998
 Schertz/Augspurger Descendant Outline Tree, updated Feb 1998
 Bennett/Caldwell/Casselberry Family Reports (3 reports, 11 generations), Jan 1998
 Cunningham Family Report (4 generations, 3 pages), updated Jan 1998
The absolutely very best way to explore the entire database.  Worth a look. webGED: Search Engine (10,129 individuals, 2,468 surnames, Nov 99)
My alternate web site which has some extra features, but no search engine. Bement Family Home Page on Family Tree Maker (alternate web site)
A compilation of all the Bement's of record living in the State of Michigan in 1920 1920 U.S. Census for the State of Michigan (Bement Soundex: B553)
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